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Rhythm Recognition LED Light Bar

Emitting Color
16LED Black USB
16LED White USB
32LED Black USB
32LED White USB
Plasi Black Battery
Plasi White Battery
32LED Silver USB APP
32LED Silver Battery APP
32LED Black Battery APP
40LED Silver USB APP
40LED Black Battery APP
40LED Silver Battery APP
3D Black USB APP
3D Black Battery APP

Pick up sound via microphone (voice control). Aluminum alloy one-piece cast housing.

Mono 32-segment extension lights ensure adequate dynamic range and sufficient detail. Exclusive custom extension light strip. (There are no similar lamps on the market).

The rising speed and falling speed of the light bar, the holding time and the falling speed of the spike can be adjusted individually.

Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted in 30 steps. The response speed of AGC can be adjusted in 30 steps.

Ultra-wide range of AGC adaptive algorithm to ensure the best results. One button operation

Material: ABS + electronic components

color: grey

Size: 181*16*18.5mm


Built-in high-sensitivity microphone (voice control)

32 colored lamp beads

not less than 8

Display modes 4-level brightness adjustable

5-level speed adjustable

18 color modes adjustable

Built-in AGC automatic gain control

Exclusive intelligent noise reduction algorithm, can be used in noisy environment

Product parameters:

Input voltage: >DC 5V 1A

Input interface: MicroUSB

Frequency response: 50-16KHZ

Size (length, width and height): 181*16*18.5mm

Net weight: 86g

Optical properties (wavelength):

Red: 620-625nm

Green: 520-525nm

Blue: 460-470nm

Optical properties (brightness)

Red: 450-550mcd

Green: 1300-1500mcd

Blue: 350-400mcd use


MODE/SPEED key: short press to open white selection mode; long press, red selection 5

File COLOR/LIGHT key: short press to white selection; long press green - select 4 levels of brightness

Press both buttons at the same time: Press blue at the same time - learn the ambient noise spectrum

Press and hold COLOR while powering on: enter gain adjustment mode

Power on (battery models only): Press the COLOR key after power off

Power off (battery models only): keep face down for 3 seconds